Sunday, 13 May 2018

Bad Programming

Many years ago, back in my younger days as a computer programmer, there was an expression GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) which basically meant if you type garbage into the computer you'll also get garbage out. There was also a two word expression 'Bad Programming' which was in reference to a programmer who failed to make the software in question fool-proof. Many a time a program may ask for a simple input and the user may type in words instead of a numerical input and the program would crash with a 'type mismatch' error message. Then there was software that worked perfectly within one operating system but failing to work within another. As to who was at fault was a matter of debate but it still counts as bad programming.

The point I'm making with this blog entry is about compatibility issues within internet browsers. I'll be the first to agree that Microsoft lost its way some time ago, like a sailing ship with no captain, and I could list a huge amount of issues within Internet Explorer and Edge but there are plenty of bloggers out there that already do that.

Generally speaking I use Google Chrome and my websites are specifically designed for display within that browser. On rare occasions I'll use Edge because it can view PDF files without requiring Adobe Acrobat which is a brilliant feature. The PlayStation 4 has a browser built in too which is a variation of Apple's Safari. I still use Internet Explorer sometimes but generally it's just to test that my websites still work on it.

One thing I will never do is have a message on any of my sites that says "Best viewed in Google Chrome" or words to that effect. When making a website it has to work in every browser. It doesn't matter if Internet Explorer is a pile of poo, if a website doesn't work on it then it's bad programming! There's no point in moaning that Microsoft are years behind innovation and the like, if you have a website that isn't going to work for most users then you'll in effect lose customers.

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