Monday, 7 May 2018

Writing Tools

Recently I came to the conclusion that I found it far easier to write within Microsoft FrontPage than within Microsoft Word even though FrontPage is a web editor. I think it's because I can see what I'm writing far more clearly than with Word which distorts the font size and paper making it larger than how it would be seen in printed form. Obviously I could simply adjust Word's settings and zoom out but I find the text gets scrunched up that way. Once the written work is complete it's a simple copy/paste and format check into Word to made sure everything's hunky-dory.

I remember reading about Patrick Moore who used to type on an old typewriter made in the 1800s, far earlier than before he was born, simply because he had used it all his life and felt no need to get to a newer one.

There's also the story of a professional writer who had a 266Mhz PC with Window 98 and an early version of Microsoft Word. He would start the computer, wait for it to fully boot up, then click on Word and it would open in two seconds. He later purchased a 3Ghz PC with Windows 8 and the latest Microsoft Office including Word. The computer's fan was noisy sounding like a vacuum cleaner. He clicked on Word and it took twelve seconds to start. No doubt he went back to his old computer. This may be an urban myth as an anti Microsoft story but it's certainly believable. Incidentally Windows 10 is a constant annoyance for me, luckily I have Windows 7 on my little notebook computer.

I think the point I'm making is that there is no best tool when it comes to writing, it's all about what's best for you. If you prefer to hand write you may have the hassle of having to type it out later but your creative juices flow far better when you're feeling relaxed. Get the story written down in the most comfortable manner as possible, you can deal with formatting, spelling and grammar later. You don't need the latest fancy word processing software to do it. You can even use Notepad that comes with Windows to write you manuscript, if you publish on Amazon Kindle it even allows for that.

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