Friday, 24 August 2018

Author's Notes - The Writing Process

I was watching a movie recently, it was a horror film called The Ballerina, but while it was great I felt slightly annoyed by the background music continuing to play over the sound of the characters speaking. So I went to select subtitles but realised there weren't any. This was a rented movie that was streamed through my PlayStation and it didn't contain that function. I'm sure it would have if I had purchased it on DVD.

Back to the subject of this blog entry. I was thinking back to my early days as a writer and all the books I wrote for Lulu Publishing. Lulu's website is all about book publishing and while users have to sign up to it in order to purchase a book it's still structured around writers rather than readers. In other words I was certain most people who used Lulu's marketplace were also authors so I always added a little extra chapter at the end of each story. The chapter being "Author's Notes - The Writing Process". It was essentially a couple of pages of notes about how I came up with the plot, how long it took to write and resources I researched in the process. I liked the idea of giving other authors an insight on how other writers create their work. Later when converting the books for the Amazon Kindle editions I skipped those final chapters.

Just as with the movie without the option for subtitles I realised my books had been lacking something that they once possessed in the past. While most readers may not be interested in author's notes I'm sure there are a lot that are. My latest book contains author's notes and I'm going to make sure to include them in all future titles as well as new editions of existing titles.