Wednesday, 14 August 2019

In Two Minds

Some years ago I had all my books available in printed form and were sold via Lulu Publishing through their online store. I also had a number of printed copies myself that I sold via Ebay. Over the years however there was a decline in sales so I changed from printed editions to ebooks and sold them via Kindle Direct Publishing removing them from Lulu first. Kindle also had the option to do printed books but I found that to be far more cumbersome than Lulu due to the formatting structure of ebooks being vastly different than its accompanying printed form. Although having said that I still have a number of printed books available via Amazon.

Well now I appear to have reached a similar juncture as I had with Lulu in the past. My sales have dwindled of late and it's only my very recent books that sell. There's still the option to release my old titles for free via Amazon but that option is only available for five days per year, per book, so while I may get a sudden increase in readership it's only short lived and doesn't always guarantee a review.

The other option of course is to place my books on my website for free. I have experimented with this in the past and I currently do this for my micro-short stories and fan fiction, but I'm still in two minds about it. With some of my very early work, my first novel for instance, I'm perfectly happy to do such a thing but with some of the larger novels it feels a little strange.

There's also the advantage that I have more control over a web based book and can alter the entire formatting with ease. In the same way that a movie is released at the cinema then later released on DVD with lots of extras I could remove my older Amazon books and convert them into web based stories with extras. This is also an advantage for people without a Kindle who can read them using their computer or mobile phone.

Anyway whatever I decide it will only apply to my older books, I'll still be writing more titles for the Amazon Kindle in the years to come. I'm not planning to retire just yet.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Fairy Dance (Short Story)

A very excited person is filled with childish joy when encountering fairies at the bottom of the garden. They are deliriously happy and share a joyful dance while birds sing above. This soon reaches its conclusion when this happy person is forced to face reality once more breaking their joyful mood.

* * *

I laughed ecstatically, with pure joy within my heart, as I span on the spot in the middle of the lawn, surrounded by the fairies. It was already dawn, with the distant sun popping its head above the horizon as if to peep at the surreal spectacle of me dancing in nothing but dainty pink panties. The damp grass beneath my bare feet cooled the rest of my body, that never ceased spinning for a single moment dancing alongside the fairies. I was growing increasingly breathless and I knew it wouldn't be long before I had to stop, but I was ecstatically happy not wanting this feeling to ever end.

Fairies were gentle creatures, pure of heart, that only chose to reveal themselves to true believers. No doubt they sensed I was special, one of the chosen few, someone they could trust. There were around half a dozen of them, each with wings of splendour, dancing with one another as I danced among them. My smile was wide. The birds in the tree above sang a calming tune as the fairies and myself danced in unison.

"Tweet, tweet, tweet," said the birds.

"Flutter, flutter, flutter," replied the fairies with their gentle near silent wings.

I gave the birds a momentary wave while continuing with my dance. It wasn't long however that I grew exhausted and collapsed onto the lawn almost falling into the pond in the process. Quickly repositioning myself I looked up at the early morning sky with the fairies still dancing around me. I felt giddy and took deep breaths.

"Danny what are you doing? You're embarrassing yourself, get inside now!" My wife called out from the open front door of the house.

"I'm dancing, um, I'm with the fairies," I replied while slurring my words.

"Why are you wearing my undies?" My wife moaned.

Turning to the fairies they appeared unbothered by my wife's words and continued to dance with happiness, the birds however had swiftly left the tree.

"You're drunk!" My wife moaned.

Fairies or dragonflies, what did it matter? They made me feel happy. So long as creatures exist that spread happiness who cares what they're called. My head continued to spin as I made my way slowly on my wobbly legs towards the house and my angry wife.